Instructions: To obtain your Education & Outreach badge, it is recommended that you complete the following by April 3, 2023.
  • 1 Prerequisite
  • 2 Actions
  • Submit Form.

Only submit the form once you have completed all of your actions. Remember, you only have to complete the prerequisite and 2 additional actions of your choosing. You do not have to complete all of the actions to earn your badge.   

Actions Key:

  • On campus event  

  • Virtual event 

  • Misc 


Prerequisite Action: Watch "What Is Sustainability"

Description: Watch the short video "What is Sustainability"  to learn more about what it means to be sustainable.

Time Commitment: 15 minutes

Required Documentation: Write what you learned from the video in 3-4 sentences.

Choose at Least Two of the Following Actions:

Action 1: Attend One Geoscience and Society Seminar (March 3-31)


Description: Attend one Geoscience and Society Seminar during the month of March. These seminars are offered via Zoom or in Tracy Hall Room 217 from 1:00 - 2:00 pm and are open to students, faculty, and staff. March's theme is Climate change as a hazard multiplier and Mitigating hazards for sustainable societies, including lectures on wildfires, flooding, and preparing for the ISS. Get the zoom link and learn more about the series here.  

Time Commitment: 1 hour

Required Documentation: Write 3-4 sentences about what you learned from the session.


Action 2: Attend a Session or Keynote at the Intermountain Sustainability Summit-ISS  (March 23rd)


Description: The Intermountain Sustainability Summit brings sustainability professionals and emerging business, non-profit, government, and education leaders. Together learn, share, network, build momentum, & work toward improving our communities, environment, and economy. This year's theme, Connect & Amplify Impact, focuses on how connections and collaborations increase the impact of our shared endeavors. 

Weber State students, faculty, and staff can attend the Intermountain Sustainability Summit's main day event FREE, with registration. Register for this event here and view the session schedule here

Time Commitment: 1 hour

Required Documentation: Write 3-4 sentences about what you learned from the session.


Action 3: Attend one of the Summit Workshops (March 24)


Description: Intermountain Sustainability Summit-affiliated workshops are extended sessions for those seeking deeper exploration, connection, and collaboration with experts, colleagues, and peers. This event is offered to student, faculty, and staff for a fee. However, there are scholarship opportunities for students to cover the cost of these workshops. Register for the event here**more info to come**

Time Commitment: 1 hour

Required Documentation: Write 3-4 sentences about what you learned from the workshop.


Action 4: Attend the Climate Teach-In (March 29)


Description: The Climate/Justice Teach-In is a Solve Climate by 2030 Initiative to aid in mobilizing hundreds of thousands of people(from universities, colleges, K-12 schools, and more).

On March 29, 2023, WSU is hosting four 50-minute sessions each hour from 8:30 am -12:30 pm in the Shepherd Union ballrooms B & C. Each session will feature a brief climate-change overview, followed by three 5-minute faculty flash talks on climate and their disciplinary connection/engagement with the issues and solutions.
Attendees will then have the opportunity to participate in an interactive solutions-focused Q&A and create a personal "punch list" of actions to create a pledge..

Time Commitment: Varies

Required Documentation: Share your list of action items. 


Action 5: Read a Sustainability-themed Book (fiction or nonfiction) 

Description: Read a sustainability related book of your choice and write about what you learned. We recommend, "Saving Us" by Katherine Hayhoe, "Regeneration: Ending the climate crisis in one generation" by Paul Hawken, and "The Big Fix" by Hal Harvey, & Justin Gillis.   

Time Commitment: Varies

Required Documentation: Write 3-4 sentences on what you learned from the book. 


Action 6: Table with the WSU Sustainable Clubs in the Union


Description: The WSU Sustainable Clubs meets once a week from 10:30-11:30 am in the Sheperd Union building to spread education and awareness about Sustainability. Help the clubs engage in sustainable conversations with other weber state community members on campus. 

Visit the EA Givepulse to learn more or sign-up for this event.

Time Commitment: 1 hour 

Required Documentation: Upload a photo of yourself volunteering with the Sustainable Clubs. 


Action 7: Watch the Film "Tomorrow: Grassroots to Human Extinction" 

Description: Watch "Tomorrow: Grassroots to Human Extinction" on Kanopy, which students can access by using their eWeber credentials. The film follows scientists, business owners, lawyers, filmmakers, and activists, as humans are faced with evidence of climate change. Traveling across ten countries, following uplifting stories about what humans are doing to take climate action within various aspects of sustainability. Tomorrow engages the audience to consider what can and must be done to save our future.

Time Commitment: 2 hours & 15 mins

Required Documentation: Write what you learned from the film in 3-4 sentences.


Action 8: Read a Subsection from the 2020 Drawdown Review

Description: The 2020 Drawdown Review is a comprehensive plan of "The 100 most sustainable solutions to reverse global warming." The total review is 104 pages, broken into three sections and additional subsections roughly eight pages long. Choose and read a subsection topic that interests you.  

Time Commitment: Time Varies

Required Documentation: Write 3-4 sentences on what you learned from the topic you chose.


Action 9: Have a conversation about Sustainability

Description: Have a productive conversation about sustainability with a friend or family member. Topics could include water conservation, sustainable buildings/architecture, energy, recycling, climate change, and food security, etc. 

Time Commitment: 15 minutes

Required Documentation: Write 3-4 sentences about what you discussed and how your conversation went. 


Innovation Action:

Description: Innovative actions are welcome, but please email for approval before submitting this as one of your actions.

Time Commitment: varies

Required Documentation: varies