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Fall 2021 Sociology Courses

Classical Sociological Theory

SOCIOLOGY 3030 (CRN 26621)
T & TH 12:00PM-11:15 AM
Dr. Ollilainen

A study of the classical tradition of sociological thought in late 18th to early 20th century Europe and 19th to early 20th century U.S. The course introduces the main theories of Comte, Martineau, Marx, Weber, Simmel, Durkheim, and others, including early theorists of gender and race. To be taken before SOC 4030.

Pre-requisite(s): SOC 1010.

Sociology of Gender

SOCIOLOGY 2370 (CRN 26622)
Dr. Barrett-Fox

This course examines gender as an organizing principle of social life and the ways in which gender influences individuals' identities, behaviors, and life experiences. Students will study gender within a variety of contexts, such as the workplace, family, politics, athletics, education, health, media, and religion. Attention will also be given to sociological theories of gender, gender socialization, and the intersection of gender, race, class, and sexuality.

Medicine & Healthcare in Society

SOCIOLOGY 3430 (CRN 26625)
MWF 10:30-11:20 PM
Dr. Trentelman

Utilizes the Sociological perspective to explore the Institution of Medicine and the Medical Healthcare Delivery System; its function as a social institution and its capability, accessibility, and the related issues of providing Healthcare. The various organizational system structures, and their economic and political dimensions are also examined. Further emphasis is placed on the various professional roles, supporting roles, and patient behaviors. Additional focus is placed upon selected international comparisons, as well as medical research, ethical considerations, and international health issues.

Social Change

SOCIOLOGY 2600 (CRN 30776)
Dr. Hill

The factors which change society and how society changes, emphasizing technological innovations and its implications, social movements, and the role of individuals.

To access online course materials, please log into your eWeber portal and click on WSU Online-Canvas.

Readings and Projects

SOCIOLOGY 4830 (Various CRNs)
1.00 TO 3.00 Credit hours
Various Offerings

Individual research projects for sociology majors or minors (maximum of 5 hours applied toward graduation, 3 of which can be applied toward the sociology major or minor); contact Belinda McElheny to register.

Students who wish to work on a faculty research project that is currently in progress, please contact Dr. R.C. Morris directly:


SOCIOLOGY 3270 (CRN 26624)
Tue & Thur 10:30AM-11:45AM
Dr. R.C. Morris

A study of the interchange between law and society, where society creates the law, yet law regulates society.

Pre-requisite(s): SOC 1010 or SOC 1020.

This course is also one of four in our Crime, Deviance, & The Law sequence.