New Freshman Advising

Are you ready to start college?! We are excited to have you with us! Whether you just graduated high school, or this is your first college experience, you will want to apply to Weber to get a head start:

  1. Apply to Weber: The cost is $30. If you are experiencing issues, contact the admissions office:  801-626-6050 or  (You should receive an acceptance letter within two weeks).
  2. Set an Advisement Appointment:
    Once you have applied, set an advisement appointment with me 2 weeks out from the date you submitted your application. We will review the course requirements, answer any questions you may have, and prep you for your academic success here at Weber! 
  3. Make sure you know your W# at the time of our appointment:   As you await our appointment together, you should be receiving an acceptance letter to Weber. Your W# is your student ID that you will need in order for us to be able to pull up your information. You will be required to know your W# in order to take tests, check out books, find out degree information and many other things. Your W# should be included in your acceptance letter, however, if you cannot locate that, you can obtain your student ID by calling 801-626-7777 or you can chat in with an agent.
Once you have been accepted to Weber, here is what’s next: 
  1. Set up your online student portal, your finances, and complete orientation:

    Once you have been accepted, Click HERE: and complete steps 1-3  prior to or after our appointment. These steps will provide you with information on completing orientation, setting up your finances, and setting up your eWeber online account. You can do this before or after our appointment together. 

- If you would like an to set an informational appointment about the Professional Sales program prior to applying, you can set a 30 minute appointment with me by clicking HERE

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