How to Register

New to online registration?  Use the instructions below or view the quick tutorials to learn how to register.  




  • Log into eWeber Portal
  • If you do not see the Register for Classes application on the main screen, you can find it by either clicking on the Registration link in the Categories list found on the left hand side of the eWeber Portal or by typing Register For Classes in the search bar & clicking the search icon.
  • Click on the Register for Classes application 
Add it to your favorites for next time!  


Weber State University does not drop classes for nonpayment or nonattendance.

If you do not plan to attend, make sure to drop any classes you have registered for either before the start of the semester or within the 100% Refund Period.

Otherwise, you will be accountable to the refund schedule for any tuition & fee costs associated with the time spent registered for your courses.

Please check the Refund Policy and Deadlines.

  • Select the correct semester.
  • Read and Accept Weber State University's Tuition & Fee Policy in order to continue on to the Registration Landing Page.



  • Next, click the Register for Classes option on the Registration Landing Page.

  • Select the correct semester and hit continue.



The top box on your screen is where you'll look up classes.

Find Classes

The search option allows you to typed in the class directly or use the drop down menu to select the subject.  You can also search by course number & campus.   If you would like to only search for classes that are currently open check the Open Sections Only Box.

The Advanced Search option is available to narrow your search further, offering additional criteria to search by.  For instance, you can serach classes by Block which will allow you to look up only full semester, 1st Block, or 2nd Block classes.

Either way-

  • Select the subject and/or course you want & hit Search.

Enter CRNs Directly

If you have already looked up your CRNs (Course Reference Number) & are ready to register, you may simply add the CRNs directly by clicking the Enter CRNs Tab.



Great!  Now it's time to register:

  • Click the Add button
  • The course will then show as pending in your Summary Box below, as well as where that course would fit into yoru weekly schedule.
  • Hit the Submit Button once you have added all of your classes.

You have successfully registered for your classes(es) if they appear as Registered in the status column of your Summary Box.



To view the tuition associated with the course click on the Tuition and Fees link located in the top right-hand corner of the Summary Box.