Audit Registration

The basic objective of taking a class as audit is to allow students the opportunity to attend a class without earning either a grade or credit for the class without affecting their GPA. The following rules apply:

  • Students registering to audit will pay tuition and fees per the current tuition and fee schedule.
  • Students in regulated programs, i.e, Financial Aid and Athletics, are subject to the respective program guidelines for audit registration.
  • Some courses may not be open to audit students because of classroom space limitations.  Students must receive instructor permission to audit a class.
  • Choice of audit registration should be made at the beginning of the term, but a student may change classes to audit status until the audit deadline.  This date can be found in the University's Academic Calendar.
  • Students auditing classes are expected to attend on a regular basis.  Students may officially withdraw from the audited class according to the deadline.  Audit students failing to attend class may be issued a "W" grade at the discretion of the instructor.

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