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Ethical Leadership Awards

Each year, we award a Weber County and Davis County leader, highlighting and celebrating the positive impact of their ethical leadership. Our purpose is not only to provide visible recognition of their outstanding examples in the greater Ogden area, but to encourage ethical leadership in our communities. 

Ethical leadership is, in addition to performing at one's highest professional level, having a track record of exemplary ethical behavior. These leaders make decisions based on the highest ethical standards, regardless of outcome.

Award Information

Nomination Process

To nominate someone for one of these awards, please write an essay of up to 500 words specifically addressing how the nominee has demonstrated a consistent track record of ethical leadership in their family, career and community.

Anyone can nominate someone for the award. The Davis County award is typically given in May, and the Weber County award in November. No individual may win the award without receiving an official nomination.

Past Leadership Award Winners


Weber County: Lynne Goodwin
Davis County: Mike Barton


Weber County: Bob and Marcia Harris


Is the nominee from Davis County or Weber County?

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