Ethics Scholarship Application

Part of our goal at the institute is to support and teach ethical leadership, which we do in part by awarding scholarships to high school seniors who have been selected as Ethics Scholars.

High school seniors committed to Weber State University submit a 500-word essay on the value of ethics in our society for a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship. This scholarship assists these ethically-minded students with tuition, fees, book expenses, and any other approved educational costs.

To be considered for selection as an Ethics Scholar, please submit the online application below and the required documentation below.

Winners will be honored and formally announced at the Ethics Scholarship Banquet at Weber State University. Scholarship winners and their parents will be informed before the banquet, and are strongly encouraged to attend. During the pandemic the banquet will be held via Zoom.

  • Ethics Scholarship Application (see below for application)
  • Application Deadline: March 5, 2021
  • Ethics Scholarship Banquet: TBD

Application Instructions

First, gather the following information and attach below. If these items are not attached to your application, you may not be eligible for a scholarship. You will not have an opportunity to upload these documents once you moved to the second page.

  • High school transcript including current GPA and ACT scores (unofficial copy, such as a scanned PDF is acceptable).
  • Verification of high school graduation date by high school administrator (e.g., brief letter from guidance counselor).
  • Letter of Recommendation (this can be from a teacher, community member, school administrator, etc.)
  • Completed Ethics Scholarship Application
  • A 500-word ethics essay, double spaced, titled and dated including your name and that of your high school. The essay should address the following question:
    • When someone asks us to think of ethical issues, we often think of significant dilemmas, newsworthy political scandals and weighty issues. Ethical philosophers from ancient times until now, however, have repeatedly emphasized that being ethical starts with the small things we do every day. In that spirit, please write a thoughtful essay in which you write about a small episode, event or encounter from your own experience that taught you something about the importance of ethics.

After attaching and submitting your documents below, you will be directed to another page with the rest of the application that you must complete.

Full Name:


High School:

Mailing Address:

Phone Number:


Unofficial Transcript (including GPA and ACT scores)

Graduation Date Letter

Letter of Recommendation

Ethics Scholarship Application (Download PDF) 

500 Word Essay