Enrollment Verification Requests


What is an Enrollment Verification?

An enrollment verification is a reflection of a student’s registration at Weber State. We report your registration using the following scale:

(FT) Full Time = 12 or more hours
(TT) Three-Quarter Time = 9 through 11 hours
(HT) Half Time = 6 through 9 hours
(LT) Less than half time = 1 through 5 hours
(ZT) Zero Time = 0 hours

Generally to defer a student loan, you must be registered at least half time.


How do I obtain an Enrollment Verification?

You can get an Enrollment Verifcaiton one of two ways:

National Student Clearinghouse

The most convenient way to obtain an enrollment verification is to log-in the eWeber student portal. Type "enrollment"  in the search box followed by clicking the search icon.  Click on the Official Transcript application.  The application should look like this:

Official Transcript App to get to the National Student Clearinghouse

You will be re-directed to the Student Self-Service tab on the National Student Clearinghouse site.

You can obtain a report that has “all enrollment,” or a report with your “current enrollment.” Then click on “Obtain an enrollment certificate.” (Depending on your system, it may take a minute to generate the report. ) A printable enrollment verification certificate will open in a separate window.

If you experience difficulties or feel the report is inaccurate, please contact the Registrar’s Solution Center at 801-626-6100. Please have your W# when you call.

Registration Office

Send an email from your Wildcat student email to registration@weber.edu providing:

  1.  Name
  2.  W#
  3.  Enrollment Verification Request
  4.  Expected Graduation Date (Semester & Year) - Only required if your expected graduation date needs to be updated.


How do I use an Enrollment Verification to defer my student loan?

Weber State University does not defer your student loan. We provide official verification that you are attending WSU. Students are responsible for getting this information to their loan provider. (Contact information should be found on the loan provider’s notification that you should begin re-paying your loan.) Fax or mail a copy of the enrollment verification to your loan provider.


Enrollment Status/Course Load Requirements

Enrollment status may be reported to external agencies such as the National Student Clearinghouse.  Audited classes are excluded when determining enrollment status.  For official reporting purposes, Weber State University uses the following definitions:

Full-Time: Undergraduate students carrying 12 or more credit hours per semester.  Students who desire to graduate in four years (eight semesters) must average at least 15 credit hours per semester. 

Graduate students:  In order to be considered a full-time matriculated graduate student, a student must be:

  1. Registered for 9 or more graduate credits; or
  2. Registered for 5 or more graduate credits and be employed as a graduate assistant for 15 hours per week or more; or
  3. Registered for 3 graduate credits if working on the research component of their degree and all remaining requirements have been completed (the student’s Program of Study must have been submitted to the School of Graduate Studies); or
  4. Registered for 3 graduate credits during the final semester of their program. 

Note:  Departments may require students to register for a minimum or maximum number of credit hours each semester in order to be eligible to participate in the program.  For example, eligibility for Federal Financial Aid requires 6 or more credit hours per semester.  Students on scholarship must be registered for 12 or more credit hours per semester, unless otherwise indicated. 

Three-Quarter Time: Undergraduate students carrying 9 through 11 credit hours in a semester.

Half-Time: Undergraduate students carrying 6 to 9 credit hours and graduate students carrying 5 to 8 credit hours in a semester. 

Less Than Half-Time: Undergraduates carrying 1 through 5 credit hours or graduate students carrying 1 through 4 credit hours in a semester.

Zero-Time: Undergraduate and Graduate students carrying 0 credit hours in a semester.

Note:  The Services for Students with Disabilities may recommend that students with disabilities enroll in a course load of less than 12 credit hours (FTE).  In these cases, students will be afforded full-time status and will be eligible for all benefits available to other full-time students at Weber State University that are within the University’s purview.  Exception:  Weber State cannot override federal financial aid requirements.  Full time status for financial aid regardless of disability is a minimum of 12 credit hours for undergraduates and 9 for graduates.