Field Trips

No. 4-10 Rev. 7-10-01 Date 4-20-77









PPM 3-30b, Alcoholic Beverage
PPM 5-32, Travel
PPM 5-33, Vehicle Fleet
PPM 6-10, Student Alcohol and Drug
PPM 6-22, Student Code

Utah Code Ann. Section 31A-22-304, Motor Vehicle Liability Policy Minimum Limits
Utah Code Ann. Section 32A-12-28, Alcoholic Beverage Control Act
Utah Code Ann. Section 41-6-44, Motor Vehicle Code
Utah Code Ann. Section 41-12a-103, Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility
Utah Code Ann. Section 58-37-1, Utah Controlled Substance Act


A. CLASS I INSURED: Field trip participants who are WSU faculty, staff, students, individuals registered for courses or WSU sponsored travel and WSU sponsored visitors for whom the annual premium has been paid. (Sponsored visitors include individuals the field trip director appoints before the trip as assistants, chaperones or advisors.)

B. CLASS II INSURED: Participants who do not fit into Class I, but who purchase coverage from WSU’s cashiers before the trip begins. Eligible participants include: spouses, children, significant others, friends, etc., whose names are on file with WSU and whose names have been reported to WSU’s Department of Public Safety (DPS, mail code 3002, fax 6319) in time for DPS to inform the insurance company before the trip begins.

C. FIELD TRIP: A Weber State University (WSU)-sanctioned trip involving two or more persons that is organized and/or sponsored by an operating WSU unit or by an authorized WSU employee for purposes that are related to a university-approved program or activity.

"Field trip" does not include travel to or from or participation in any athletic practice, camp, or event; any fraternity or sorority events; or any travel which is not supervised by an authorized WSU employee.

D. FIELD TRIP ACTIVITY: Any activity which occurs during the regularly scheduled field trip and is under the supervision of the Field Trip Director, but excluding "on your own" time activities not so supervised.

E. FIELD TRIP DIRECTOR(GROUP REPRESENTATIVE): Faculty or staff member designated to supervise a field trip.

F. SANCTIONED: Approved or authorized for purposes that are related to a university-approved program or activity.

G. SCHEDULED: Planned and arranged prior to the day of departure.

H. SPONSORED VISITOR: Individuals the field trip director appoints before the trip, as assistants, chaperones, or advisors.

I. SUPERVISED: Under the care, custody and control of an authorized WSU employee.


A. AUTHORIZATIONS: Field trips are authorized as part of the following educational processes at Weber State University:

1. "Laboratory" learning experiences integral and essential to a course.

2. Other supplemental instructional experiences.

3. Extracurricular activities.

B. APPROVAL: Deans, department chairs, or equivalent administrators must approve field trips.

1. Field trips are scheduled far enough in advance to enable participants to arrange to participate in other university classes.

2. Participating students are expected to fulfill the requirements of their other university courses.

C. COSTS: Sponsoring entities may charge participants for field trip costs.


1. Each participant must read, sign and submit to the field trip director a copy of Weber State University’s Statement of Understanding/Release (See appendix) before going on a field trip.

2. Sponsoring departments must not allow any person to participate in a field trip who has not first submitted a signed and dated Statement of Understanding/Release.



a. The university establishes field trip regulations.

b. The university does not intercede or protect participants who violate laws from the legal consequences of their actions.

c. The university may pursue formal charges against violators of this policy. (See applicable provisions described in the Weber State University Policy and Procedures Manual or the Student Code Handbook.)


a. The chairs or directors of departments or operating units which sponsor field trips shall be responsible for:

1) Maintaining files of the Statements of Understanding/Release required by this policy.

2) Notifying students of WSU’s Field Trip Policy requirements.


a. The field trip director shall be responsible for:

1) Obtaining signed Statements of Understanding from every participant.

2) Maintaining records of trip dates, destinations and lists of all participants indicating which are Class I insured, which are Class II insured and which are not insured under WSU’s field trip policy.

3) Furnishing WSU’S Department of Public Safety with trip dates, destinations and lists of all participants indicating which are Category I insured, which are Category II insured and which are not insured. (This information must be received by the Department of Public Safety in time for them to forward the information to the insurer before the trip begins.)

4) Verifying all Class II participants have WSU cashier receipts for insurance before allowing them to participate. (If a Class II participant changes his/her mind about coverage after submitting a Statement of Understanding which indicates they want coverage, the field trip director must obtain a new Statement of Understanding which indicates they do not want WSU’s coverage.)

5) Enforcing WSU’s field trip policy during the field trip. (Enforcement may involve limiting or excluding individuals from participation, including returning them to campus.)

6) Follow procedures for group travel outlined in PPM 5-32 V.D.


a. Participants are responsible for complying with applicable university regulations and with local, state, federal, and international laws of the places they visit.

b. Participants who do not comply with this policy are responsible for reimbursing the university for transportation costs if it is necessary to return them to campus.

c. Class II insured participants who elect to purchase insurance are responsible for:

1) paying the required cost of coverage at WSU’s cashiers office.

2) showing the field trip director the WSU Cashier receipt before the field trip.

3) Submitting new Statements of Understanding before the trip begins if, after submitting their first Statements of Understanding, they change their minds and do not want coverage.


1. Participants in WSU sanctioned field trips may not possess or consume any alcoholic beverage while participating in field trip activities.

2. Participants in WSU sanctioned field trips may not possess or use any narcotic, illegal drug, or other controlled substance except as specifically permitted by the Utah Controlled Substances Act.


1. Participants in WSU sanctioned field trips may not possess or use any kind of firearm for any reason, except as expressly authorized by the field trip director and appropriate dean.

2. The field trip director must verify firearm credentials before authorizing anyone to carry a firearm on a field trip to ensure the person with the firearm has the legal authority to carry it and has in his/her possession the proper license(s) required by each state or nation he/she will visit during the field trip.


1. Public Carriers:

Whenever feasible the field trip director will use chartered buses or appropriate public carriers to transport field trip participants.

2. University Vehicles:

a. When public carriers are not feasible university motor pool vehicles may be used..

b. The field trip director is responsible for the care and operation of university vehicles.

3. Private Vehicles:

a. With the field trip director’s approval, participants may drive private vehicles on field trips.

b. The field trip director will specify mileage for reimbursement purposes.

c. Sponsoring departments will reimburse authorized drivers for use of private vehicles.

d. Drivers are prohibited from accepting remuneration from participants for vehicle expenses.


1. Weber State University provides accident insurance at no cost to Class I insured participants.

2. Class II participants may purchase insurance. To obtain coverage, the field trip director and participants must meet the following conditions before the field trip begins:

a. The field trip director must obtain from each participant who wants Class II field trip coverage a signed Statement of Understanding/ Release indicating they agree to pay for it.

b. The field trip director must provide DPS (mail code 3002 or fax extension 6319) with the dates of the trip, the destinations and the names of Category II insured participants.

c. The field trip director must notify WSU’s cashiers office of the trip dates, destinations, and names of participants who want to purchase field trip insurance.

d. Participants who wish to purchase WSU’s field trip insurance must pay for it at WSU’s cashiers office and show the receipt to the field trip director.

3. Insured participants must pay for required medical services at the time they are needed, then submit receipts to WSU’s carrier for reimbursement.

4. Participants may obtain claim forms from the Department of Public Safety (mail code 3002, extension 7547).

5. All insured participants are covered only during activities supervised by the director.

6. Faculty and staff members on field trips as part of their assigned duties are also covered by state liability insurance and Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

J. INSURANCE FOR PRIVATE VEHICLES: Anyone transporting field trip participants in private vehicles must carry current liability insurance with at least the following liability limits:

1. $100,000 per person bodily injury or death coverage.

2. $300,000 total liability coverage for two or more persons per accident.

3. $50,000 property damage liability coverage.

K. FIELD TRIP DRIVERS: The field trip director may assign vehicle drivers as follows:

1. Assigned drivers may be faculty, staff or students.

2. Drivers must be at least 18 years old.

3. Drivers must possess valid drivers’ licenses for the types of vehicles they will operate.

4. Drivers must complete WSU’s driver training course before the field trip begins

L. ACCIDENT REPORTS: The field trip director will promptly report to the appropriate law enforcement agency and to the University Police any accident or other incident which, in the course of a field trip, causes:

1. Physical injury to participants or other person(s).

2. Damage to property. (See WSU’s Vehicle Fleet Policy and Procedure 5-33.)

Weber State University Field Trips Policy (Policy and Procedure Manual—Section 4-10) APPENDIX



I hereby acknowledge and agree that:

1. I expect and intend to participate in one or more field trips sponsored by Weber State University during the current academic year ending June 30.

2. In consideration of the university’s sponsorship and direction of field trip(s), I hereby state that I have read and understand the terms and conditions of Weber State University’s Field Trips Policy and Procedure (PPM Section 4-10) and specifically agree to be bound by it.

3. I agree and understand that during the field trip I will be under the care, control and custody of a field trip director approved by Weber State University, and I specifically agree to comply with all reasonable directions and instructions from the trip director during the trip.

4. I understand that if I do not comply with this policy, I will be required to reimburse the university for transportation costs required to return me to the campus.

5. I fully understand and acknowledge that there are specific risks of injury to person and/or property that are associated with field trips, including risks related to travel hazards, terrain, weather, eating and sleeping arrangements, and other circumstances. I also certify and represent that I am not presently under any form of medical treatment for physical infirmity, chronic illness, or mental disorder that could affect my safe participation in field trip activities.

6. I fully understand and acknowledge the following about the field trip accident insurance policy the university provides:

a. The insurance covers Class I insured participants (WSU faculty, staff students, individuals registered for courses or WSU sponsored travel and WSU sponsored visitors) at no charge, and Class II insured participants (Participants who pay for WSU coverage before the trip begins) upon timely payment of a premium.

b. The insurance only provides coverage for activities undertaken during the field trip or during travel to or from the field trip destination while directly supervised by the university-appointed trip director.

c. The insurance only provides medical coverage for illness or death due to accidents.

d. The insurance requires payment of $100 deductible for a medical claim.

e. The insurance maximum limits are $10,000 medical and $25,000 accidental death or dismemberment.

f. The insurance is a reimbursement type policy which requires the participant to:

1) Pay for any medical services at the time they are provided.

2) Request and complete the necessary claim forms from the university Department of Public Safety upon return from the field trip.

3) Submit the forms to the university’s insurance carrier along with the required medical receipts.


7. I have read this Statement of Understanding/Release and agree to the terms set forth herein.

8. I further agree to release Weber State University, its employees, agents and volunteers from any and all liability for any claims I may have for damages as a result of my participation in this field trip.

9 I am not an employee or a student of WSU. (Please also check one of the following boxes.)

9 I WILL PURCHASE accident insurance coverage at WSU’s cashiers office and I will show the receipt to the trip director before the trip.

9 I DO NOT WISH TO PURCHASE accident insurance coverage.

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Participant’s Signature Date
(If participant is under age 18, at least one parent or legal guardian must sign below.)

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Parent’s or Legal Guardian’s Signature Date