Student Alcohol and Drug Policy

No. 6-10     Rev. 06-01-09       Date 4-13-89      






To establish definitions, policy and sanctions for students surrounding alcohol use, illegal use of controlled substances, and substance abuse on the Weber State University Campus and at university sponsored activities.


For the purpose of this policy the following definitions will apply:

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Beverages intended for human consumption which contain alcohol, including, but not limited to liquors, wines, beer, and alcoholic "coolers".

CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES: A drug, substance, or immediate precursor included in schedules I, II, III, IV, or V of Section 58-37-4 of the Utah Code Annotated, and also any drug, substance or immediate precursor included in schedules I, II, III, IV, or V of the Federal Controlled Substances Act, Title II, P.L. 91-513, as those schedules may be revised to add, delete, or transfer substances from one schedule to another. They include, but are not limited to narcotics, depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens, cannabis, and any prescription drug except when used in accordance with the instructions of a physician or dentist.

UNIVERSITY-SPONSORED ACTIVITY: Any event, activity, or endeavor which has the official sanction of Weber State University. Any activity on or off campus which is initiated, aided, authorized or supervised by Weber State University/administrative entities, or organizations.

UNAUTHORIZED: Not approved for the specific university-sponsored event by a university administrator at the Dean or equivalent level or prohibited by state or federal law.

ALCOHOL AND DRUG EDUCATION/PREVENTION PROGRAM: A Weber State University Program designed to provide education and prevention information on the effects of alcohol and other substance abuse, individual assessment, and referrals, when appropriate, to treatment programs and other related community services such as support groups.


Weber State University prohibits:

a) Unlawful use, possession, distribution, sale, manufacture, or possession for purposes of distribution or sale of any controlled substance or illegal drug;

b) Sale, possession, manufacture, distribution, or consumption of alcoholic beverages on the university campus;

c) Unauthorized or illegal sale, possession, manufacture, distribution or consumption of alcoholic beverages at any off campus university-sponsored function or event.

Exceptions:  Use of alcohol and controlled substances is permitted on Weber State University campus only in accordance with PPM 5-25d, Restricted Purchases and Special Procurements, and PPM 3-30b, Alcoholic Beverage Policy (All Employees), in the Weber State University Policy and Procedures Manual.

Weber State University supports an Alcohol and Drug Education/Prevention Program designed to reduce (and/or eliminate) alcohol and drug abuse in the university community.


The institution may determine and impose sanctions upon students who violate this policy as outlined in the Weber State University Student Policy and Procedure Manual.

Those sanctions may be imposed in addition to criminal penalties and other sanctions including, but not limited to NCAA penalties, which may also be imposed for the same conduct or incident.

Those sanctions will be imposed only after students have received due process in accordance with the Weber State University Student Policy and Procedure Manual.

Nothing in this policy shall limit the authority of individual colleges or departments to adopt more stringent requirements regarding alcohol and controlled substance use, possession, distribution or manufacture.


While Weber State University intends to enforce its drug and alcohol policies, as well as applicable state and federal laws, and hold students accountable for their actions related to alcohol and other substance abuse, the university will not punish nor otherwise take negative academic or professional actions toward any student solely on the basis of that individual's drug dependent or alcoholic status per se. Weber State University encourages its students to report their own drug dependency and alcoholism. After such voluntary reporting, the university will make a good faith effort, within the limits of available resources, to assist individuals to overcome their dependency.

Notwithstanding the above, the university reserves the right to maintain reasonable academic and professional standards of all students, faculty and staff regardless of their dependency status. Thus, while the university will reasonably accommodate students who are attempting to treat their drug and alcohol dependencies, ultimately, reasonable performance and behavior standards must be maintained.


It is the policy of Weber State University to make reasonable accommodations for its students who are dependent on drugs or alcohol to assist them in the pursuit of their academic and/or professional careers.