Philosophy Mission Statement



WSU Philosophy offers students the opportunity to learn the foundations of their intellectual heritage while developing skills in critical thinking, communication, argumentation, research skills and creativity.  We teach the ideas of influential past and contemporary thinkers from around the globe who have sought to understand the world and our experience of it, as well as the methods of sound practical reasoning and deductive logic and the application of philosophical thinking to modern life and its challenges, empowering our students both in their careers and as stewards of their communities.



We provide high-quality general education classes that a) introduce students to the intellectual heritage of human reasoning, culture, and values and b) foster the development of transferable, marketable skills including critical thinking, communication, creative thinking, research skills, and the ability to understand connections between various fields of study. We provide a minor for those students who wish to continue developing well-rounded knowledge in the liberal arts and drill the transferable skills that empower them to lead in their careers and their communities. For those students who choose to major in philosophy, we ensure that they have the opportunity to develop the advanced knowledge and skills to succeed in a variety of areas of employment, or to pursue graduate or professional studies at the highest levels.



Weber State Philosophy is committed to inclusive and transformative undergraduate education, welcoming all students and helping them strive for excellence.