Philosophy Courses

PHIL 1000, PHIL 1120, and PHIL 1250 are taught every semester, in-person and online. PHIL
2200 is offered every fall. PHIL 4900 is offered every spring.
Our other upper division courses rotate on a two-year schedule, with occasional special topics
(PHIL 4400 and 4450) courses, based on student and faculty interest.
We usually determine those special topics the semester before they’re offered, but here is what
we think the next two years will look like:

Fall 2023 PHIL 4600 (Ethical Theory)
  PHIL 3150 (Existentialism)
  PHIL 4400 (Death)
  PHIL 4510 (Metaphysics)
Spring 2024 PHIL 3250 (Philosophy of Law)
  PHIL 4540 (Philosophy of Mind)
  PHIL 3010 (Classical and Medieval
  PHIL 3550 (Philosophy of Eastern Religion)
Fall 2024 PHIL 3400 (Environmental Philosophy)
  PHIL 4520 (Epistemology)
  PHIL 3350 (Medical Ethics)
  PHIL 3650 (Aesthetics)
Spring 2025 PHIL 3200 (Philosophy of Democracy)
  PHIL 4530 (Philosophy of Mind)
  PHIL 3020 (17th and 18th Century Philosophy)
  PHIL 3500 (Philosophy of Western Religion)