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The Peer Mentor Program provides students with an opportunity to learn and to build meaningful relationships that support their academic success. Mentoring your peers can help you develop interpersonal and leadership skills. With the Peer Mentor Program, you will develop self-awareness and multicultural competence as well. 

We are currently hiring!! Apply now to start your mentoring career this semester!

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Are you a Botany and Plant Ecology student? Be a BOTANY Scientists Peer Mentor!!

Join a new program focused on supporting botany students and join our awesome team - Braiding Opportunities in Training, Advocacy and Networking for Young Scientists. This position is currently closed. Please check back later for new openings!

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Are you from the College of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology (EAST)?

Apply to be an EAST Peer Mentor and support students in computer science, engineering, automotive, professional sales, etc. This position is currently closed. Please check back later for new openings!

Apply Now - EAST Peer Mentor

The hiring process will require your initial application, and once we review your application we will reach out to you to organize an interview.

Mentor Youth in Our Community as a MOJH Rising Scholars Mentor!

Join us at Mount Ogden Junior High to mentor 7th - 9th graders by sharing your college knowledge and encouraging academic progress. MOJH Rising Scholars Program qualifies you for HIEEs Pay. Mentors will complete required training and must be available to visit their assigned students/classroom on a biweekly basis (remember A-days and B-days?).

For spring 2023, these are the scheduled times:

Fridays 8:50 - 9:20 AM (A day class #1)

Fridays  11:40 - 12:10 AM (A day class #2)

Fridays 8:10 - 8:45 AM (B day class #1)

Fridays 9:25 - 9:55 AM (B day class #2)

Opportunities for the 2023-2024 school year are now closed. Fill out the form below to express interest in volunteering during the 2024-2025 school year.

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Peer Mentor Staff Banner
Peer Mentor Staff Banner

How Can I Benefit from Being a Peer Mentor?

Get a fun and meaningful job where you get paid to help others in a college setting. Build strong relationships with an amazing student staff.
Network with other peers, faculty, and staff through training, presentations, and more. Learn more about the ins and outs of Weber and how to navigate the systems, procedures, and resources.
Develop leadership, communication, facilitation, organization, and other transferrable skills. Gain different levels of certification through the College Reading and Learning Association and the Certified Peer Educator training.
Grow as a person as you learn about yourself and others. Know the satisfaction of having done something awesome!

Email us at with any questions! To learn more about other peer mentoring opportunities, visit

What Our Mentors Say:

peer mentors in group"I like to make people believe in a sense of beloging." ~Akanksha


"I wanted to support others like my mentor supported me." ~Andrew


"Being a Mentor, I've helped my mentees not only get to know campus, but also get to know about themselves." ~Chanell


"As a Mentor, I get to know new people and their own unique perspectives." ~Neftali 


"I became a peer mentor to work on my confidence, networking skills, and talking to new people." ~Kayla


" ""The thing I love most about mentoring is helping mentees and leading them as they plan for success ." ~Maximus


"As a Mentor I love seeing students reach their potential success. I also love the learning and growing I experience being a part of my mentees success" ~Adriana


"I became a Mentor because I wanted to help people through their college exercises" ~Brennon




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