Physics Major: Grace Gooder

     There are so many opportunities as a physics major at Weber State University. There are scholarships, jobs, and research opportunities. After my second semester at Weber State University, I was offered a position at the Ott Planetarium. That has been a great way to meet and work with other physics students and faculty. The modern physics labs in Tracy Hall are excellent, and I always look forward to my physics labs. I have enjoyed interacting one on one with the faculty. As I have progressed to the upper-division classes, there are fewer students, and I have many opportunities to interact with the faculty. They are supportive and genuinely want me to succeed. 

     After graduation, I will apply for internships at Northrop-Grumman, NASA, Boeing, HAFB, and other aerospace companies. After my internship, I hope to get a job at one of these companies. A lifetime goal of mine is to work in the space industry. I want to work in the field first, and eventually, I will apply to graduate school. I hope to find a graduate program that suits my interests and goals.

     I highly recommend taking the beginning physics courses. The adjunct professors are outstanding here at Weber State University. One of my favorite physics classes is PHYS 2300 Scientific Computing for Physical Systems. I learned how to program in Python and had fun completing all the assignments. It was challenging, but I would take it again. I also enjoyed my astrophysics courses.