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From Fourier to Futurism(s)



A Smattering of Helpful Sources and References

Stewart Library has hundreds of books on our issues, topics, artists, and the web is full of useful sites!

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Videos/DVDs in Stewart Library

Please check WSU's subscription to Kanopy for available movies.

  • Equivogue 1900 (Art Nouveau), Media N 6465 .A7 A78 Video;
  • Art Deco/Art Moderne, Media N 6494. A7 A64 1998
  • The Jazz Age, Media E 784 .J39 1993 Video
  • Modernism, Media NA 680 .M65 1998
  • The Postimpressionists. Seurat. Media ND 553 .S5 S48 1999
  • The Postimpressionists. Cezanne. Media ND 553 .C33 P6 2000
  • Landmarks of Western Art: Impressionism and Post-Impressionism (6), Media N 5300 .L355 1999
  • Paris Dances Diaghilev, Media GV 1790. A1P3 1992
  • Nijinsky, PN 1997, N54P3
  • Picasso, Portrait of an Artist, Media N 6853 .P52 1986
  • 13 Days in the Life of Picasso, Media ND 553.P5 T45 2000
  • Pablo Picasso's Guernica, Media ND 553. P5 .A67 1998
  • 20th-Century Artistic Revolutions, Media NX 456 .T85 1986
  • Paris Was A Woman, DC 752.R52P3 1996
  • Queen Victoria's Empire, Media DA 550 .Q43 2001
  • William Morris, "Topsy," Media NK 1535. M67 T66 2000
  • Ballet Russes, GV1786.B3 B35 2005,  (spoof: Rebels on Pointe, 2017)
  • Paris The Luminous Years, N6850 .P37 2010

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