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Local or NGO Careers

Learn about various local Utah locations for applying your International Studies degree. 


Looking for ways to apply your international knowledge in the local, Northern Utah Area?

Here are some steps you can take:

Reach out to Community Centers & Nonprofit Organizations

  • There are many community centers and nonprofit organizations that specialize in helping people whether they be locals, immigrants, or refugees.  Utah Nonprofits Job Board is a great place to start looking.


  • One of the best ways to start in a location is to begin with an internship. Our International Studies program at Weber has partnerships with the Catholic Community Center & Utah Community Action.

Utilize Handshake

  • Handshake is also a valuable resource offered by Weber as a regularly updated site/app to view job opportunities with various filters including your major, full-time/part-time, and location.


Get Involved with Organizations that Help

Below are various organizations that help the local international community such as refugees, immigrants, and other vulnerable populations.

Catholic Community Center

The Catholic Community Center hosts a variety of human services including a refugee center to assist the resettlement of refugee families in northern Utah.

United Way

United Way of Northern Utah is an organization designed to build individuals, families, and the community with a focus on service, integrity, optimism, inclusion, innovation, and equity.

Utah Community Action

The UCA is a nonprofit organization focused on education, housing, and nutrition of the community.  The goal is to assist families in need to achieve self-reliance.

Utah Nonprofits Job Board

See a list of job and career opportunities in a variety of fields with local nonprofit organizations.  Options include management, development, human services, and administration.