Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

Why was I selected for an internal audit?

The Internal Audit Department reviews the operating units and processes at Weber to identify areas of possible institutional risk. Based on available resources and need, Internal Audit develops an annual audit plan. The Audit plan will consist primarily of audit topics selected based on perceived areas of risk, but will also include topics or departments selected based on how long it has been since their last review. Special audits are conducted according to the instruction of the President, Board of Trustees or as requested.

What can I expect?

Internal Audit works hard to provide a positive experience. While a single individual conducts most audits, some audits are conducted in teams. Audits vary in length depending on the scope. An audit may extend from just a few days to several weeks or months. For more information about what to expect in an audit go to our Internal Audit Process webpage.

What documents will I likely need for an Internal Audit?

  • Long and short range management plans
  • Organizational chart
  • Department specific policies and procedures
  • Budgetary, financial, management, and exception reports
  • Job Descriptions
  • Source documents such as payroll records, travel logs, p-card, and cost transfers.

Do I have any say in this process?

Yes. The Internal Audit process is a cooperative effort between the management of the unit or activity being reviewed and the auditor. Full participation is essential to the success of the audit. There may be times, however, when because of the sensitive nature of the issue involved, the auditor will have to follow a course of investigation which the circumstance mandate and for which it is not appropriate to collaborate.

What are internal controls?

Internal Controls are the way in which we ensure business is conducted in the manner the University intended. The basic internal control is dependent on those who implement them. For more information about internal controls visit our Internal Controls webpage.

What is the difference between internal and external auditing?

Internal auditors work for Weber State University. Internal auditing is an independent appraisal activity established within an organization. It is a control that functions by evaluating the adequacy and effectiveness of operational control.

External auditors work for State, Federal, or CPA agencies/firms. External auditing is an independent audit limited to assurance of fairness of financial statements, financial aid, and grants.