Cover/Introduction Letter to Program Review Evaluation Team



City, State, Zip

Dear ___________:

On behalf of the (name of College/Program), I would like to thank you for your willingness to serve on the Program Review Evaluation Team. This team will be reviewing the _________ program at Weber State University during spring semester. The program review process is important to us and is used to improve our academic programs.

Between February 15 and March 15, the team will conduct the on campus visit and evaluate the _________ program against the self-study standards. By April 1, the evaluation team will prepare a 3 to 5 page report identifying program strengths and challenges, and make recommendations for change.

To assist you in this process the following information is enclosed:

  1. The review standards,
  2. The self-study and appendices,
  3. The report guidelines,
  4. Suggested questions for the program review evaluation team members,
  5. Program evaluation worksheet, and
  6. Program review evaluation team visit and schedule.

Below is a list of the team members along with their contact information:

insert list of team members

Team members will be contacted by (department chair or program coordinator name), the department chair/program coordinator for the ____________ program regarding the details of your visit. Please feel free to contact them with any questions. As part of your visit, you will be expected to talk to faculty, administrators, staff, and students, as well as, visit classes and laboratories.

Again, please accept my thanks for your help in this important process.




cc: Provost, Associate Provost, Department Chair, Program Coordinator