Program Review Checklist

Fall Semester (Semester 1)
October 1

__        Members of the program faculty submit program review team recommendations to Dean.

__        Members of the program faculty begin work on self-study.

November 1

__         Dean advises program faculty of the final program review team.

__         Program Review Team participation is confirmed.

__         Program review calendar is developed and shared with review team.

November 15

Provide a copy of the following documents to the Dean and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness:

__       Completed self-study document,

__       A 3–5 page executive summary,

__       Any other relevant documents.


December 15

__        Academic Dean completes review of self-study documents and notifies program faculty of document status.

December 31

__       Office of Institutional Effectiveness creates a Program Review webpage for the program to which site visit team members can be directed for site visit documents.

Spring Semester (Semester 2)

By January 30

Academic Dean and Chair contact the approved Program Review Team members:

           __         Participation confirmed

           __         Site visit dates and travel arrangements confirmed

           __         Self-study materials distributed (electronically)

__         Review team members are provided with an orientation to their role and responsibilities.

By March 30

__         Evaluation team receives and reviews program review materials.

__         On-campus visit is completed.

__         Evaluation team evaluates the program.


By April 15

__         Evaluation team completes and submits their report.

__         Report is distributed to program faculty, copy to Academic Dean.

By April 30

__        2 – 3 page program faculty response to the Evaluation Team Report, submitted to Academic Dean. This must include an ‘action plan’ for any identified  learning outcome/assessment/evidence shortcomings.

__        Dean should also receive copies of the Evaluation Team report if not already delivered.

By May 15

__        Dean’s 1 – 2 page response is prepared and forwarded to the Program Faculty
Submit copies of all documents - visiting team report, faculty response, dean response - to
Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

By August 1

            The following documents should be finalized and updated to the program review website (OIE responsibility):

            __              3 – 5 page executive summary of the self-study

            __              Program Review Evaluation Team Report

            __              Program Faculty response

            __              Dean’s response

Draft of Board of Trustees/Board of Regents report is generated (OIE responsibility)

Fall Semester, following year (Semester 3)

By October 30

            Program Review Standing Committee meets:

            __              Program director or department chair, with their Dean, provides a brief overview of the review,

            __              Standing committee presents questions and asks for any needed clarifications,

            __              The committee as a whole selects from the following recommendations:

  • Accept the program’s response to the site visit recommendations, and return in 5 years for the next program review,
  • After addressing any issues raised by the Committee, accept the program’s response to the site visit recommendations, and return in 5 years for the next program review,
  • Develop and submit a plan of action to address any issues specified by the Committee, submit that plan to the Committee, through the Office of Institutional Effectiveness. Return in 2 to 4 years for the next program review.
  • Accept the program’s response to the site visit recommendations, and in recognition of an exemplary review, return in 7 years for the next program review.
  By November 15

            Institutional response is written:

            __              Provost identifies the need for any interim reports and indicates the anticipated date of the next program review.

            __              Institutional response is forwarded to Program Faculty and Academic Dean

By December 15

            __              The Board of Trustees/Regent's report is finalized and forwarded to the Provost Office for each program review (responsibility of OIE)

By December 30

            __           Provost completes a summary document (inclusive of all completed program reviews and institutional responses) which is sent to the WSU Board of Trustees and the Utah Board of Regents.