Master of Education


  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the Master of Education program is to extend the professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes of educators in schools, business, industry, and higher education through advancing the theoretical and practical applications of curriculum and instruction.
    The program has a secondary mission of preparing post-baccalaureate students for an entry level teaching license in either elementary education, secondary education, or special education. The mission of this segment of the program aligns with the Teacher Education Department’s mission: We work within our communities to prepare caring, competent educators and to promote equitable, inclusive, and transformative education practices.

    • We recognize that effective educator preparation is a cooperative endeavor involving faculty and staff members within the Teacher Education Department, the Moyes College of Education, and Weber State University. Our community also includes school districts, administrators, and teachers as well as professional organizations.  Our success depends on effective and consistent collaboration between all groups.

    Caring, Competent Educators: 
    • Our central aim is to ensure that teacher candidates develop necessary skills and dispositions as outlined in the Utah Effective Teaching Standards. We also acknowledge that it is of indispensable importance that each teacher develops an enduring ethic of care—the propensity and ability to meet the educational needs of each student.


    Equitable, Inclusive, and Transformative Education Practices: 

    • We believe that processes and institutions of teaching and learning can and should become increasingly equitable, promoting the well being of all students, with special emphasis on underserved populations. To that end, we are committed, where necessary, to transforming the attitudes and beliefs of teacher candidates and to extending our research and professional outreach in shaping general educational practice and policy.