Sustainability Practices and Research Center (SPARC)


  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the Weber State University Sustainability Practices and Research Center is to inform and educate WSU students, faculty, staff and the local and statewide community in order to ensure the sustainability of our region and our world for future generations.

    The Center collaborates closely with the Environmental Initiatives Committee and the Energy and Sustainability Office, serving as a hub to connect campus activities, programs, departments, and community partners in order to advance a commitment to sustainability in the region.

    What the SPARC does:

    • Encourages sustainability teaching and assists faculty to designate applicable courses for the sustainability attribute.
    • Helps students identify courses that include sustainability or are sustainability focused.
    • Prepares students for future sustainability workforce needs by fostering sustainability education in courses and direct experience through campus employment/internships.
    • Rewards sustainability-focused student and faculty research.
    • Keeps the WSU community informed about sustainability-related events, internships, jobs, and news.
    • Hosts the annual Intermountain Sustainability Summitand other events for the campus and wider community.
    • Provides community programs which improve the lives of residents and increase sustainability practices across northern Utah.
    • Collaborates with regional partners to expand sustainability awareness and action.