Master of Radiologic Science


  • Mission Statement

    Provide appropriate, accurate, and timely advisement for students within the program nurturing the potential within every individual, the MSRS program will:

    • Assist and encourage faculty and graduate students to develop collaborative relationships with other professionals;
    • support and assist with scholarship and grant writing;
    • promote the recruitment and support of students from diverse backgrounds;
    • promote the recruitment and support of faculty from diverse backgrounds;


    Promote appropriate professional behavior, ethics, diversity, and respect for self and others. Respect for people and ideas, the MSRS program will:

    • assist and support  graduate students in professional development and research to improve clinical based research and foundational professional research;
    • provide student orientation to community/campus support services.


    Providing access and opportunity for all, the MSRS program will:

    • provide appropriate technologies in order for graduate students to access, gather, organize, and present information related to clinical, educational and professional research.


    Engaged in the community, the MSRS program will:

    • provide learning opportunities for students through a variety of instructional methodologies in multiple settings;
    • identify essential knowledge and skills for imaging graduate students;