• Mission Statement

    The mission of the Physics Department at Weber State University is to provide high-quality instruction in physics at the undergraduate level. This includes providing courses in the general education area of physical science, pre-professional and pre-engineering courses in physics, and courses and programs for those desiring to major or minor in physics.

    Further purposes of the Department include providing counseling for the students served by the Department, providing opportunities for research and other scholarly activities of both faculty and students, and serving as a resource for the campus and the state of Utah in the areas of physics and astronomy.

    [As described on our web site and in our departmental booklet]

    Statement of Purpose:

    • To provide excellent instruction and counseling for all students whom we serve.
    • To promote the professional growth of the faculty by pursuing opportunities for research and other scholarly activities.
    • To increase global scientific knowledge through research and scholarship.
    • To serve the campus, the greater Ogden community, and beyond as a resource and as a source of expertise in physics and astronomy.


    General Objectives:

    • To promote learning and enhance the learning environment.
    • To optimize opportunities for the success of each student.
    • To enhance the expertise of the faculty and staff.
    • To efficiently capitalize on existing strengths and resources, and continue to build and develop our programs as future opportunities arise.
    • To maintain a high level of morale among students, staff, and faculty.
    • To promote good public relations with the schools and the community, and to seek public and private support for our programs.
    • To monitor, evaluate, and recognize the progress and success of departmental programs and activities.
    • To plan for future success by building a solid base of personnel, programs, and facilities to be ready to serve Weber State University and northern Utah.