Interior Design


  • Mission Statement

    The Interior Design program at Weber State University, grounded in the missions of the College of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology and Weber State University, provides a body of knowledge through standards-based curriculum, practical experience, professional exposure, and community outreach. The program seeks to prepare graduates to enter various avenues of a design-build network of professions with a firm knowledge of professional standards, design theory, design process, technical skills and the art of professional selling through the following program goals:

    • Goal 1: Curriculum that promotes the advancement of skills necessary to enter the practice of the Interior Design profession while fostering collaboration among disciplines within the design-build network and prepares students for professional licensure.
    • Goal 2: Recognition of the impact of Interior Design on society and the responsibility of protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public.
    • Goal 3: Development of an understanding of global awareness, diversity and environmental sustainability.