Health Science


  • Mission Statment

    Division of College Services:

    • The mission of the Dumke College of Health Professions Division of College Services is to provide academic programs, foundation support courses, learning resources and admission and career counseling. These services support students, faculty and staff learning and promote healthy lifestyles. The Division of College Services includes the Health Sciences Department, the Admissions/Advisement Office, and Career Counseling.


    Health Sciences:

    • The mission of the Department is to facilitate the foundational learning that empowers individuals to be successful health professionals. We are committed to providing experiences that promote hands-on learning, critical thinking, interprofessional collaboration, evidence-based problem solving, and ethical and compassionate patient care. Course experiences are provided in a variety of formats, at affordable costs, and with measurable learning outcomes to ensure opportunities for success among all student populations. Students completing the rigorous health science courses will enter their chosen health professions program with effective study habits and a solid foundation of how the human body works.


    Admissions/Advisement Office:

    • The mission of the Dumke College of Health Professions Admissions/Advisement Office is to provide quality support to students, faculty and staff in the following areas: applicant recruitment, applicant admissions processing, general education advisement as well as individualized student academic advising, course planning, and applicant preparation.


    Career Counseling:

    • The mission of the Dumke College of Health Professions Career Counseling Office is to cultivate students' educational, personal and career development; to assist with the decision to apply for a degree program; and the successful transition from higher education to the world of work.