Earth Environmental Sciences


  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the Department of Geosciences is to provide quality undergraduate education in the sciences concerned with the Earth. We seek to provide an enriched learning environment through extensive interaction between faculty and students, with an emphasis on field studies and technology-enhanced data collection and analysis. The Department offers programs in geology, applied environmental geosciences, Earth science teaching, and geospatial analysis that provide students with the essential knowledge and skills needed to qualify them for employment or graduate education. The Department also contributes to the broader mission of the University by providing general education courses that enhance student awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the physical environment and the scientific process, as well as the relevance and role of the geosciences in the world today. In order to promote faculty vitality, increase scientific knowledge, and engage students in the scientific process, the Department encourages faculty to engage in basic and applied research. Faculty members also provide professional expertise in the geosciences to the community, local schools, and government agencies. We seek to continue building a solid base of personnel and facilities to maintain high quality, up-to-date programs that meet the educational needs of our various constituencies.