• Mission Statment

    The Sociology Program is housed in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology. Through courses, research, and
    community engaged learning, we teach analytic and evaluation skills and the global perspective needed to navigate the
    21st century successfully. We offer Bachelor of Science degrees in sociology and teaching sociology. The program
    serves the Weber State community by offering a broad social science perspective that complements a variety of degrees
    and requirements. We also provide minors in sociology and sociology teaching, and Bachelor of Integrated Studies
    (BIS) emphasis in sociology.

    • Equip students with a broad sociological perspective (or the “sociological imagination”) by teaching them how social structures, individuals, and groups interact in society.
    • Provide knowledge and skills, both sociological (theory, research methods, data analysis) and general (critical thinking, writing), to pursue a broad range of careers and graduate degrees (e.g., in Sociology, Law, Public Administration).
    • Prepare students to recognize a plurality of perspectives, including their own, to navigate today’s multicultural and global society.
    • Build a stimulating learning environment by using a variety of pedagogies, including collaboration, collective learning, and community engagement.