Office of Undergraduate Research


  • Mission Statment

    The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) was established in August 2004. Academic Affairs created a 0.25 Director position and charged this individual with creating the OUR to enhance opportunities for students and their faculty mentors across campus. A small budget for the Office allowed a student hourly worker to assist in secretarial support. 

    The mission for the OUR was developed in 2004 by faculty representatives from each of the seven colleges at Weber State University:

    • To strengthen and enhance the learning environment at Weber State University by engaging and mentoring students as researchers and scholars within and across the disciplines while maintaining the highest ethical standards. 


    This same group of faculty defined undergraduate research at WSU as: 

    • Undergraduate research includes scholarly and creative activities conducted by students in collaboration with mentors, for the purpose of examining and creating knowledge or works in ways consistent with practices within the discipline. 


This information is part of the cyclical program review process. Details such as mission statements, learning outcomes, etc., are updated as part of the biennial assessment reporting process, an integral component of program review.