• Mission Statement

    The Department of Microbiology seeks to provide a quality undergraduate education to students of Weber State University in both general education and discipline-specific courses. We strive to provide our graduates with a solid academic foundation in microbiology for further educational opportunities, and the knowledge and skills for career opportunities upon graduation. We seek to integrate into the students’ program of study the development of skills including critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, written and oral communication, and laboratory research techniques. The department provides opportunities for research and other scholarly activities for both faculty and students. The department and its graduates serve as an important resource for the campus and the state of Utah in the area of microbiology. We attempt to inspire life-long learning and teach students the broad range of disciplines in microbiology. We also believe that a more knowledgeable public will be able to make more informed decisions with regard to scientific issues that impact their lives.

This information is part of the cyclical program review process. Details such as mission statements, learning outcomes, etc., are updated as part of the biennial assessment reporting process, an integral component of program review.