• Mission Statement

    The mathematics department mission is to provide students with the knowledge and problem solving skills necessary to competently integrate mathematics into their personal and professional lives.  Faculty endeavor to create an environment that makes that possible.  Quality teaching of relevant courses and supervision of student projects including undergraduate research are central objectives. 

    The mathematics department is committed to providing excellent opportunities for all students: students majoring in mathematics, students majoring in science or engineering fields that depend heavily on mathematics, future teachers, in-service teachers, and all students seeking to improve their quantitative literacy.  The department offers curriculum that attends to the needs of the diverse educational and career goals of our students.  Since mathematics is relevant to numerous fields, many of our course offerings are designed in a manner sensitive to other disciplines.  A common emphasis in all our courses is the process of mathematical thinking and problem solving, as these skills will serve all students during college and for years to come.

    Mathematics and mathematics education are rapidly developing fields, and since the best teachers are those who remain active in their discipline, we engage in mathematical and educational research, in service teacher training, and course and curriculum development.  Professional and scholarly work is both expected and encouraged.

This information is part of the cyclical program review process. Details such as mission statements, learning outcomes, etc., are updated as part of the biennial assessment reporting process, an integral component of program review.