Master of Professional Communication


  • Mission Statment

    The Master of Professional Communication program prepares working professionals with the advanced communication knowledge and skills needed to excel in a range of communication-related careers.  The program trains students to utilize theoretically-grounded and creative applications of research, writing, presentation and design to lead in academic and professional organizational contexts.

    Rationale: The Faculty in the MPC program took our program review in 2019-2020 as an opportunity to review and update the MPC mission in fall of 2019. This statement retains many of the priorities of our previous mission statement (e.g. focus on theoretically-grounded and applied practice; integration of key communication research, writing, and presentation skills). This updated statement, however, also adds language on the growing visual and new media communication emphasis in our program (through words like design and creative) to emphasize how our program is also embracing these important trends in 21st Century Communication.