• Mission Statement

    The overall mission of the Weber State University Anthropology Program is grounded in the disciplinary body of knowledge which
    provides students with a holistic, comparative understanding of human behavior, human biological and cultural variation across a variety
    of temporal and geographic scales. The program aims to produce students versed in anthropologically-grounded methods in research,
    analysis, and interpretation, and a strong sense of anthropology's relevance to the world today. Students are taught to question and
    examine the significance of beliefs, attitudes and prejudices toward human differences and similarities, and to be informed of the
    anthropological position of relativism and valuing cultural and biological variation. The program prepares students for a broad range of
    both public and private sector employment in anthropology-related fields or to enter professional or graduate schools appropriate to their

This information is part of the cyclical program review process. Details such as mission statements, learning outcomes, etc., are updated as part of the biennial assessment reporting process, an integral component of program review.