Voluntary Shared Leave

What is VSL?

Voluntary Shared Leave (VSL) allows one employee to assist another employee in the case of a prolonged medical condition which exhausts the receiving employee's available leave. This is done by donating vacation leave to offset the sick leave of another employee. VSL also allows employees to contribute vacation days including those that would be lost because of the maximum vacation cut-off to be contributed to a general VSL pool without the designation of a specific recipient. VSL does not apply to incidental, normal, or short-term medical conditions.

To donate directly to a specific employee, the donating employee can simply email Marisa Salazar indicating the amount of vacation hours to be donated and the name of the employee who will be receiving the donation.

To apply for VSL, the employee in need of hours must complete the VSL application, submit a brief (one page or less) cover letter explaining why you are requesting VSL hours and indicate how many hours you are requesting.

Helpful VSL Information