Vision Discount Plan (Glasses, contacts, lenses, frames)

EMI Health administers the vision program, underwritten by Opticare of Utah. 

NOTE: Eye exams are covered by PEHP Health.

You can enroll in EMI's Opticare of Utah discount vision plan at your new hire benefits meeting or at open enrollment. The premiums are listed below. 

  • Low Per Pay Period Premium:
    • $3.00 for Employee Only
    • $5.75 for Employee +1 Dependent
    • $9.15 for Employee +2 or More

Some of the features of vision coverage are:

  • $160 Allowance on Frames and Contacts.
  • $10 Co-pay on Single, Bifocal and Trifocal Lenses.
  • $500 off LASIK refractive surgery, per eye.


Vision Benefits Summary

Additional details about vision coverage:

For questions about the WSU Vision plan, contact EMI Health at 800-662-5851.

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