Start an Employee Resource Group


Employee resource groups are voluntary, employee-led groups centered around individual interests or experiences. These groups provide a forum for employees to meet and support each other, build a sense of belonging, and provide professional support and mentoring for staff and faculty. The shared goal of ERGs is to provide a culture of respect, inclusion, kindness, and purpose in all we do.

Establishing an ERG

Resource group development and success is dependent upon interested employees working together to create a group. Information for the establishment of resource groups can be found below. This is to ensure consistency between the formation and goals of such groups.

  1. Submit the following to the Chief Diversity Officer and WSU Human Resources.
    • Establish a list of at least eight interested employees willing to volunteer to join your ERG.
    • Establish a general purpose and mission of your group
    • If desired, prepare an introductory message that will be used to construct an electronic invitation to additional employees with information about the group.
  2. The first meeting must be coordinated with and acknowledged by WSU Human Resources and the Chief Diversity Officer.
  3. At the first meeting, a general discussion must take place to:
  • Prepare bylaws for the resource group including information on the group’s mission statement, goals, membership, leadership, and meetings.
  • Establish the process for selection of a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.

Guidelines for Sponsorship

  1. Members must be employed by Weber State University
  2. The formation of the ERG must rely on volunteers, and efforts must stem from a grassroots nature and neither Weber State University nor members of the group may pressure any employee into joining.
  3. Membership in an ERG shall be entirely voluntary. Membership must be open to all university employees.
  4. The ERG should be organized to assist and support Weber State University’s mission and are limited to: 
    • Employee recruitment and retention related programs
    • Promoting social and intellectual enrichment (e.g., mentoring)
    • Networking opportunities
  5. The ERG should be designed to enhance the public image and presence of Weber State University.
  6. ERGs are limited in scope and authority and do not advocate regarding the terms and conditions of employment or individual grievances. Staff Advisory Council (SAC) is the group that serves as the advisory group to President’s Council on behalf of staff. (See State Board of Higher Education Policy R817.)
  7. ERGs and employees must follow all university policies and rules. ERGs may not discriminate on the basis of protected categories as described in PPM 3-32.

Financial Support

  1. ERG designations will be listed on Chief Diversity Office and Human Resources websites.
  2. Funding 
    • Each ERG will receive $500 in annual funding (when available). 
    • ERGs can identify other sources of revenue, but must do so in compliance with university policies and applicable laws. 
  3. ERGs will report, on a bi-annual basis (Jan 1 and July 31), group objectives, achievements, barriers and successes. 
  4. The Chief Diversity Office and Human Resources will also require a yearly report of all ERG activities including programming, meeting schedules, and budget utilization.
  5. Each ERG will be provided with an email address, if interested.
  6. ERGs are designed to be social in nature. Therefore, group meetings and activities should generally be held before and after work. If meetings are held during the workday, they must be conducted on the employees’ personal time (i.e. during their lunch break).
  7. All other resources will be available to ERGs consistent with PPM 3-38 and other university policies.

Weber State University reserves the right to deny recognition of any ERG at any time based on a failure to satisfy the operating principles at the time of application or at any time after recognition has been granted, should the group or its members fail to abide by such principles, university policies or rules, or applicable laws. Weber State University possesses the sole discretion to amend these principles at any time with or without notice to the ERGs.

Recognized groups, while composed of employees of Weber State University, are not agents or agencies of Weber State University. To that end, any meetings, activities, or events conducted by members of the ERG shall be deemed performed on personal time. All statements, opinions, and views contained within the ERG website or social media accounts are representation solely of the ERG and its members and do not represent the opinions or positions of Weber State University. All publications, social media accounts, or other publicly disseminated materials from the ERG must abide by university policies.