Ryan Friazier Jr.

· Office: LH 360

· Phone:  801-626-6819

· Email: ryanfrazier@weber.edu


· Ph.D. in Forestry, University of British Columbia, 2016

· M.A. in Geographic Information Science, Clark University, 2007

· BA in Geography, Clark University, 2006

Academic Interests

Dr. Frazier is interested in teaching students to utilize the power of Geographic Information Science and Remote Sensing to convey information about landscapes, patterns and processes through maps and visualizations. Dr. Frazier’s research focuses on leveraging GIS and Remote Sensing to learn more about ecosystems, and specifically forests after wildfire. Dr. Frazier is certainly excited by new applications of GIS and Remote Sensing as well as a good map.

Courses Taught at Weber State University

· GEOG 2400/4400 Cartography and Map Design

· GEO 38400 Remote Sensing: Principles and Methods

Courses Taught at Other Institutions

· Introduction to Geographic Information Science

· Advanced Geographic Information Science

· Geospatial Programming and Analysis Techniques

· Geoinformatics Seminar Series

· Science Writing and Research Portfolio Development

· Geographic Information Technologies

· Cartography and Georepresentation


· Land cover changes on temperate organic substrates over last 150 years: Evidence from the Czech Republic. 2019. Navrátilová, J., Havlícek, M.,  Navrátil, J., Frazier R. J.   Biologia 74 (4), 361-373

· Analyzing spatial and temporal variability in short - term rates of post fire vegetation return from Landsat time series. 201.8 Frazier, R. J., Coops, N. C., Wulder, M. A., Hermosilla, T., & White, J. C. Remote Sensing of Environment, 205, 32-45.   

· Convergence and impoverishment of fen communities in a eutrophicated agricultural landscape of the Czech Republic.  2017. Navrátilová, J., Hájek, M., Navrátil, J., Hájková, P., & Frazier, R. J. Applied Vegetation Science. 20(2), 225-235.    

· Forest recovery trends derived from Landsat time series for North American boreal forests. 2016. Pickell, P. D., Hermosilla, T., Frazier, R. J., Coops, N. C., & Wulder, M. A.  International Journal of Remote Sensing, 37(1), 138-149.  

· Boreal Shield forest disturbance and recovery trends using Landsat time series. 2015. Frazier, R. J., Coops, N. C., & Wulder, M. A. Remote Sensing of Environment, 170, 317-327.    

· Characterization of aboveground biomass in an unmanaged boreal forest using Landsat temporal segmentation metrics.  2014. Frazier, R. J., Coops, N. C., Wulder, M. A., & Kennedy, R.  ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 92, 137-146.