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Geography Mission and Objectives


The mission of the Department of Geography is to provide students with an overview of the discipline, specific skills that will help them in their careers, and knowledge that will help them organize and maintain an effective philosophy on life that reflects an understanding of their natural and cultural surroundings.

Consistent with the mission, the department strives to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide students with knowledge about the earth’s natural environment and its relationship to society.
  • To provide students with knowledge about the world’s peoples, nations, cultural environments and spatial organization.
  • To provide students with a good grounding in the modern technical skills of the discipline, including computer cartography, spatial analysis, spatially oriented quantitative methods and techniques and geographic information systems.
  • To provide interested students with training that emphasizes a comprehensive grasp of the planning profession and issues related to that field.
  • To instill within each student an appreciation for the great variety of cultural forms and ways of thinking throughout the world and to help students formulate a worldview that uses this appreciation to become responsible citizens in America.

Meeting these objectives prepares students to function within American society as informed and engaged citizens by equipping them with specific job skills that help them gain employment and/or admission to graduate schools.