Maria Groves

I am an instructor at Weber State who teaches physical and human geography courses.  My interests include  paleoclimate and paleoecology, arid lands, and the interaction of humans with their environment,  especially those that involve climate change.  In particular,  my research is focuses on changes in vegetation, fire regimes, and climate during the late Holocene as seen in sediment cores from Range Creek Canyon, Utah.

The proxies and methods I am use include modern and fossil pollen, charcoal, modern vegetation, X-Ray Fluorescence, and GIS.   My research goal is to contribute to the natural history knowledge of Range Creek Canyon including the Fremont occupation period and to add to the understanding of regional climate patterns.

B.S. in Earth Science from Penn State University

M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from California State University Monterey Bay

post-graduate certificate in GIS from Penn State University

PhD from the University of Utah

My teaching experience includes the University of Utah,  Utah Valley University,  and now I’m thrilled to be an instructor at Weber State!  In my spare time I love to travel with family, ski, and hike.