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Supplier Information

Here you’ll find links to information about how Weber State University (WSU) hires and works with suppliers.

Weber State University operates in a central acquisition environment, where the Purchasing and Support Services manages purchases and enters into contracts on behalf of the University for goods and services that are essential for the daily operation of the University.

Weber State Purchasing Services has partnered with SciQuest to provide our suppliers with a secure Supplier Portal, where suppliers can log in and create and manage a profile, respond to sourcing (bid) requests, and manage purchase orders.

Prospective Suppliers

Suppliers are prohibited from making sales calls and unsolicited visits to departments. However, any qualified business can register to become a potential supplier for  through the Supplier Portal. The prospective supplier registration will capture key information about the supplier.  The Purchasing department will review registered suppliers’ profiles when considering suppliers for particiation in sourcing events.

There is no charge to receive notifications about or respond to WSU's solicitations.   By registering with SciQuest you will be recognized as a supplier that is interested in doing business with Weber State University and you will be able to receive notifications of WSU's bidding opportunities and have the ability to respond electronically.   You will also have access to bidding opportunities from other public sector agencies.

If you would want to register as an supplier interested in doing business with WSU, please complete a "Cold Registration" by clicking this link (please do not use this link if you are currently a supplier for WSU):  

Prospective Supplier (Cold) Registration   

Current WSU suppliers that have not utilized the sourcing system will need to complete a supplier registration.   Please contact supplier support for assistance to complete the registration.  Also, new suppliers to WSU, will need to register before responding to sourcing events.  Contact or 801-626-6020 to register as a potential supplier.  An email invitation will be sent to you to complete your registration.  

For more information about supplier registration, select the link below.  

Supplier Registration at WSU

Supplier Onboarding (Registration)

Suppliers selected to provide goods and services to WSU will receive an invitation to update their current registration to a "Full Registration" profile in our Supplier Portal. This process will require IRS tax ID information (W9).  Portal registration will also require that the supplier provide payment and order information to be completed. Suppliers may update their information within the Supplier Portal at any time.

Currently, "Full Registration"supplier access is available only for US-Domestic suppliers. Non-US suppliers must contact Supplier Support for information about how to enroll as a supplier. 

We have developed the below guides to assist you with any questions you may have with the registration process. Contact Supplier Support at to request access to your create your company’s profile within the supplier network.


The primary method of transacting the purchase of goods and services is a purchase order (PO). Payment cannot be processed without a PO number listed on the invoice, so we encourage all suppliers to ensure they have received a PO prior to any work being performed for the University.

As part of the supplier onboarding and registration, suppliers may manage their how to receive PO's. The University offers two options for PO dispatch: email or fax. Email dispatch is the preferred option. Certain suppliers with hosted or punch-out catalogs on our marketplace will have their POs dispatched electronically, enabled by our eProcurement partner.


All invoices should be sent to the WSU Purchasing Department - Accounts Payable for processing, at The PO number should be listed on the invoice. The PO number is necessary to process the payment.  Payment terms are calculated based on the date of receipt of the invoice.

The University encourages the use of electronic payments, rather than paper checks.  Currently, WSU offers the Single Use Card electronic payments.  See the SUA page for more information.

Supplier Diversity

WSU is committed to making supplier diversity an integral part of the way it does business, consistent with its commitment to a diverse and inclusive university community that advances its mission.   The belief that engaging a diverse supply base is mutually beneficial; fostering competition, opportunity, and generating considerable value by broadening the pool of supplier expertise, perspectives, and capabilities.  

The University’s procurement practices aim to provide competitive access to sourcing opportunities and to promote diverse supplier participation.

WSU also seeks suppliers that share our commitment by embracing diversity within their own organizations and supply base in the delivery of goods and services to the University.

WSU University recognizes many diverse groups including:

  • Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs)
  • Woman Business Enterprises (WBEs)
  • Small Business Enterprises (SBEs)
  • Veteran Business Enterprises (VBEs)

We encourage our prospective and current suppliers to seek independent certification of their diversity status through organizations such as the NMSDC, WBENC and the NGLCC.

Insurance and Risk

University-Required Insurance For more information, please contact the Risk Management department at to find out more information about risk and insurance requirements as a supplier at WSU.

Terms & Conditions

The standard PO terms & conditions for purchase orders is shown here:  Standard PO Terms & Conditions (PDF)


WSU is committed to providing a safe and healthful environment for its employees, students and visitors and managing the University in an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner. In collaboration with other campus departments, the Purchasing Department encourages the use of products that minimize adverse environmental and health effects and take into consideration the costs associated with the full product life cycles.


Employees of the University have an obligation to avoid activities or situations that may appear to be, or could result in, a conflict of interest. Employees must not use their University positions to influence outside organizations or individuals for the direct financial, personal, or professional benefit of themselves, members of their families, or others with whom there is a personal relationship.

The Purchasing Department is committed to fair and ethical business practices that promote open and fair competition in the best interests of the University and the success of its supplier relationships. Procurement Services abides by the State of Utah Procurement Code and the National Association of Educational Procurement Code of Ethics.