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Concur: Travel and P Card Management Solution

Concur logoWhat is Concur?


Concur is WSU’s new travel and purchasing card (P card) management solution.

It provides a fully automated, end-to-end, customer-focused user experience.

Using a mobile phone to take photo of receipt

Why are we changing from our current system to Concur?


Concur will:

  • Replace old technology with an integrated solution
  • Improve user experience for booking travel
  • Improve ease of compliance with WSU policies
  • Provide a platform that captures comprehensive travel data — saves money and increases safety
  • Improve reporting capabilities
  • Improve P card reconciliation process.


Using Concur, managing receipts with be as simple as taking pictures with the Concur mobile app. Travel requests and booking will all be done in one, easy-to-use platform. These are just a couple examples of improvements that will happen using Concur. 

Attend an overview presentation to learn about all the features and benefits. Watch your inbox and/or this website to sign up for training sessions specific to your needs. 


What is changing?



Current State

Future State

Travel booking Not Designated SAP Concur
Travel reimbursement system Travel reimbursement system SAP Concur
Card reconciliation tool Paper P card Statements SAP Concur
Travel management company   State travel/Christopherson
Travel and Expense card (P card) JP Morgan Chase JP Morgan Chase


How does Concur benefit the user?


The new platform will make P card accounting and business travel easier!

Concur provides:

  • A mobile app (on your cell phone) for tracking travel and P card receipts.
  • Pre-travel, travel booking and travel/P card expense reports — all within the app.
  • Less paperwork.
  • Simplified travel and expense policies.
  • Increased per diem rates and mileage reimbursement.


Who is impacted by this change?

Everyone with a P card and all faculty, staff and students who travel with or for Weber State will use Concur.


Will new P cards be issued? How are purchased made?

You will continue to use your current P card as you always have.

Concur changes how P cards purchases are documented and reported, but not how P cards are used. For example, what we currently call “P card reconciling” will happen in the Concur platform automatically if all receipts have been properly uploaded and documented. Concur will generate an expense report that will then be submitted through the platform to you 1st level approver (your current reconciler).

The entire travel process, from travel request to booking to expense report, will be completed in Concur.

The overview presentation and training sessions will cover all of this more detail. 


How do you access Concur?

Concur can be accessed online or through the mobile app. We will walk you through the entire process in the training sessions.




Have questions that can’t wait until an overview session or training?

Please contact WSU purchasing