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Receiving Financial Aid

Once you’ve submitted your FAFSA and WSU Financial Aid and Scholarship application, the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office will review your information.

The Review Process

What happens after we receive your FAFSA:

  1. Each FAFSA is reviewed in the order it is received.
  2. Go to your eWeber portal. Search for “Financial Aid & Scholarships.”
  3. Click on "View & Accept Awards" to view the status of your application                      a. As part of the review, our office may require additional information, as requested through your Wildcat Mail and/or Financial Aid Verify. 
  4. Once you have submitted all required documents and our office has processed your information, your financial aid award will be packaged, and you will receive an award letter through your Wildcat Mail.

REMINDER: During peak times, files can take at least 8 weeks or more to be reviewed from the time you submit your FAFSA. We recommend you plan accordingly and apply by April 1

Changing Your FAFSA

If you feel your FAFSA did not accurately reflect your financial situation, you may be able to petition for an income adjustment that could affect your award amount.

Check Your Wildcat Mail!

We’ll communicate through your Wildcat email about the types of aid you qualify for, corrections to your FAFSA, and any additional information you need to submit.

How to accept your award offer

To view and accept your financial aid and/or scholarship:

  1.  Go to and click on “eWeber” (top left-hand corner).

  2. Search for and click on “Financial Aid & Scholarships.”

  3. Click on “Accept/Review Award Offer by Aid Year.”

  4. Select the appropriate ‘Aid Year.’

  5. Click on the “Accept Award Offer” tab.

  6. Click on the drop-down box, ACCEPT, or DECLINE your award.

  7. Click Submit.

View Your Award

How and when you receive your aid (disbursement) varies depending on the type of aid.

**Your financial aid award offer is based off of you attending full time for fall and spring semesters.  Awards are adjusted as your enrollment level changes.   You can indicate your desired enrollment by  updating your Planned Enrollment levels on your student portal.


If you accept a Federal Student Loan, you must:

  1. Sign and submit your master promissory note (MPN*).
  2. Complete the Stafford Loan Entrance Orientation at

*A Master Promissory Note (MPN) is a legal contract that states you, the borrower, will repay the loan. Signing is required once during the time that you are a student borrower at Weber. In the eWeber Award Information app, access your “Overall Financial Aid Status” to see if you need to complete this step.

Go to

Understanding Your Offer

Your award offer will show you the maximum federal student loan amount you may be eligible for. However, the actual amount you receive depends on your year in school and past loan amounts.

Tax Questions?

For information about tax benefits, or what expenses may be used as tax deductions, visit:

Keep Your Eligibility!

Now that you’re receiving financial aid, make sure you can keep getting it — and making the most of it — for future academic years. Learn more about WSU’s policies: