Financial Aid Disbursement

Disbursement generally occurs the week before the semester begins, but it may vary, depending on the type of aid:

Federal Financial Aid

Pell Grants, SEOG, LEAP, UCOPE, TIERG, Perkins and Stafford Loans can be available no earlier than 10 days before the first day of class. Federal Work Study earnings are paid every two weeks. 

WSU Scholarships

Once you have registered, as long as you have fulfilled the requirements to accept your particular scholarship, the scholarship is automatically deducted from your total bill at the Cashier’s Office.

WSU is required to verify your lawful presence in the United States before any scholarship funds can be released.

Other Aid

If you received a third-party scholarship, the organization/individual who awarded you must communicate with the WSU Cashier’s Office in order to apply your awarded funds toward your tuition and fees. If you are getting an alternative loan, your loan servicer will need to communicate with the WSU Financial Aid and Scholarship Office.

Your Billing Statement

You will receive a registration billing statement after you have registered. You are responsible to pay for any remaining charges that your federal financial aid does not cover. The WSU Financial Aid Office does not cover library fines, traffic fines or other non-educational fees. You may be charged an additional $40 late fee if tuition is not paid before the deadline. Any overpayment will be mailed to you in a check or directly deposited into your account of choice once tuition is paid.

**Financial aid and scholarships will not disburse if you have not met Satisfactory Academic Progress, have not completed your FAFSA requirements, or if you do not meet the enrollment/disbursement requirements for a particular award.