Income Adjustments

Your income last year may not accurately reflect your financial strength or your family’s ability to contribute toward your college education. 

Under unusual and extenuating circumstances only, and with adequate documentation of those circumstances, a financial aid counselor may make adjustments to your income data to more accurately measure your or your family’s ability to pay for educational costs.

Any adjustment requires a meeting with a Financial Aid Advisor.  

Please read the Special Circumstance Form to see if your circumstance can be considered for a Special Circumstance Appeal:

Remember, you must provide adequate documentation of your special circumstance before any adjustments will be made to your application data. Only one adjustment will be made per award year.  Please visit with a Financial Aid Advisor to determine your eligiblity for an appeal before turning in the appeal.

For Dependent Students: If you have an unusual or extenuating circumstance which prevents you from including your parent's information on the FAFSA, you may be considered for a Dependency Override Request.