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While the English department internship program is voluntary, we strongly believe in the value of internships: They often lead to full-time employment and dramatically improve your ability to network with potential employers.

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If you have questions, please contact Dr. Scott Rogers:

Scott Rogers

Scott Rogers

Professor of English Internship Coordinator, Ph.D
Elizabeth Hall 448

If you are seeking course credit for an internship, you should:

  • Contact the internship coordinator for information about the program
  • Identify an internship
  • Internships require 90 hours of work and grant 3 credit hours.
  • Enroll in ENGL 4900: Internships in Literary and Textual Studies

Registering for the Internship Course

You must be registered for ENGL 4900, which is a 3-credit hour course and your internship must require at least 90 hours of work.

You must begin the internship hours during the semester you are registered, although you have a year to complete the course. Some students already have an internship when they register for the course. Others register for the course one semester, but do not find an internship until the following semester. If that is the case, you will receive an Incomplete at the end of the semester you registered for the course. However, as soon as you complete the requirements, the Incomplete will turn into Credit.

Once You’ve Found an Internship

All documents related to the course are available on Canvas. The first and most important document you must deal with is the employer contract.

Once you have found an internship, complete the employer contract, which will be signed by the person who will supervise you at that organization. Together you will list the duties and responsibilities of the internship. The internship advisor reviews the contract to determine whether it is acceptable for academic credit.

Course Requirements

There is no physical internship “class.” However, you are required to report to the internship coordinator at several points throughout your internship.

The course requires the following assignments be completed:

  • Readings packet: assorted essays on why employers hire English majors
  • Employer contract
  • Midterm employer evaluation
  • Final employer evaluation
  • Internship portfolio:
    • Cover letter/letter of introduction
    • Resume
    • 5 samples of work created in the internship with accompanying explanatory information
    • 3 status reports to the instructor
    • Reflective write-up of skills used and skills gained during the internship

When all of the above requirements are complete, you will receive the grade of Credit. If the internship was not successfully completed, you will receive No Credit. If you are continuing your internship into the next semester, you will receive an Incomplete.

Available Internships Outside of WSU

These internships that have been brought to our attention. This list is by no means exhaustive; these are merely the small number of employers seeking interns that have been brought to our attention. For additional information, contact Dr. Scott Rogers (

Internship #1


Internship #2


Internships are often available via the following sites: