Our staff is committed to maintaining confidentiality regarding the information you share with us. We know that in order for you to do the healing work of therapy, you must trust us with very private and sensitive information about yourself. Please know that we adhere to state laws, ethical principles, and codes of conduct required by the degrees, licenses, and professional organizations of our providers. Confidentiality is a key requirement of such adherence.

All information concerning the utilization of our services is confidential. Confidential information cannot be released to any party without your written consent, except under the following circumstances:

  • Imminent Danger
    If you are determined to be in imminent danger of harming yourself or someone else, we will take necessary protective measures which may involve releasing information to parties such as parents, police officers, or hospital staff.
  • Abuse/Neglect
    If your counselor suspects abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation of minors or vulnerable adults, he/she must comply with state laws that require reporting to appropriate agencies.
  • Legal Considerations
    If your counselor is served with a subpoena or court order, he/she may be required to give information to a judge or a court of law. Utah state law also indicates that parents/legal guardians of minor clients may have access to their clinical records.