How to Start a Club

Here are the steps to starting a student club or organization on campus:

  1. Determine that your club is not a duplication of another club that already exists on campus. Review the current list of clubs here, or email the Clubs and Organizations Coordinator, Heather Cimino ( to verify. 
    • When naming your club/organization please do not put "Weber State" at the front of the name, instead put it at the end. (Ex. The Hammock Club at Weber State) This is to show that the organization exists at Weber State but that it is not an official entity of the University. All social media accounts and handles for the club should also follow this same naming format.
  2. Determine which category your club/organization falls under - Registered or Sponsored. 
  3. Establish a roster of at least five club members for Registered groups or eight club members for Sponsored groups.
  4. Determine who will serve as the club advisor. Advisors must be employees of Weber State University (faculty or staff).
  5. Create a constitution (view sample constitution).
  6. Determine/vote on presidency. 
  7. Complete the Clubs and Orgs Registration Form (required annually by each club/organization).