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Certificate of Proficiency in
Juvenile Justice

The Certificate of Proficiency in Juvenile Justice provides a strong theoretical and applied foundation for those interested in the American juvenile justice system.  This interdisciplinary program builds upon the basic elements of the American criminal justice system by incorporating coursework from allied social sciences disciplines relevant to juvenile delinquency, juvenile courts, and human dynamics. 

Degree Requirements

The curriculum includes 18-19 total hours depending upon which elective classes you decide to take.  All CJ students are encouraged to meet with a CJ faculty advisor annually for course and program advisement. The College of Social & Behavioral Sciences General Education Advisors can answer questions about general education requirements.

Grade Requirements: A minimum grade of “C” in all courses counted towards the completion of the certificate (no “C-” or lower grades allowed).

Program Requirements: Students obtaining this certificate are required to complete 18-19 credit hours.