Criminal Justice Overview

Why choose Criminal Justice at WSU?

  • WSU's Criminal Justice program has a reputation for excellence in the region.
  • Many of WSU's criminal justice faculty have criminal justice agency experience, so students are educated with real-life examples and experiences.
  • Many of our criminal justice students  successfully compete for positions in state, local or federal agencies.
  • Students have opportunities for internships with state, federal and local criminal justice agencies.



What degrees/certificates are available?

Master of Science in Criminal Justice (MSCJ)

Bachelor of Science (BS) Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Science (BS) Criminal Justice: Crime Scene Investigation

Bachelor of Science (BS) Criminal Justice: Forensics

Departmental Honors: Criminal Justice

Minor: Criminal Justice

BIS Emphasis: Criminal Justice

Associate of Science (AS) Criminal Justice


What courses are offered through online/distance learning?

The Criminal Justice Department offers various classes online. For more information, contact the department at 801-626-6146 or click here.


What are the employment opportunities?

Graduates with a degree in criminal justice have a wide range of employment opportunities. Locally, they can become Police Officers, Sheriff's Deputies, or Correctional Officers. Federally, they can work as drug enforcement agents and U.S. Marshals. They can also work at Adult Probation and Parole, crime scene units, and state and federal labs such as the Drug Enforcement Administration and the FBI.






What will I learn in the program?

WSU's Criminal Justice program will assist you in your goal to improve justice administration. In doing so, students can earn bachelor's degrees in criminal justice, crime scene investigation, or forensic science.

The fully on-line Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice provides graduate education to criminal justice professionals and traditional students who have not yet begun a career in criminal justice.

The master's program will help develop your ability to analyze, comprehend and resolve complex problems confronting the criminal justice system. The program emphasizes theory and research, administration and effecting change. You will learn to look at crime and justice from social, cultural, economic and political perspectives.

Successful graduates can use research methods and design as well as the statistical strategies of social science research. Our master's degree graduates are also well prepared to pursue doctoral studies.

Where can I find out more about the programs?

Department of Criminal Justice
Weber State University
1299 Edvalson St.  Dept. 1206
OgdenUT 84408-1206
Phone 801-626-6146
E-mail fmedd@weber.ed

Is there an application deadline?

Although there is no application deadline, you should apply early and register for classes. Contact the Department of Criminal Justice for specific information or to schedule an advisement appointment.

Admission to the master's program is competitive and enrollment is limited. The program accepts all Bachelors degrees from regionally accredited institutions and students can start in either the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester. Contact the Department of Criminal Justice for specific information or to schedule an advisement appointment.