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What Classes Do I Take Next?

Criminal Justice: General CJ concentration

Instructions: If you are unsure which class to take next, start with the classes in the lowest level (Level 1). Once you have registered for or completed all the courses listed in the lowest level, move to the next level until you find a level with classes you have not completed. Use your CatTracks degree evaluation to help you manage your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact your advisor if you have questions.

Level 1

  • CJ 1010—Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Math courses until completion of QL
  • English courses until completion of COMP

Level 2

  • CJ 1300—Corrections: History Theory and Practice
  • CJ 2300—Policing: History Theory and Practice

Level 3

  • CJ 1330—Criminal Law and Courts
  • CJ 3270—Theories of Crime and Delinquency
  • CJ elective
  • Declare minor, take Minor Intro course

Level 4

  • CJ 3300—Victimology
  • CJ 3600—Criminal Justice Statistics
    • (Must complete QL Math first)
  • CJ 4200—Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
  • Upper division CJ elective
  • Course in declared major

Level 5

  • CJ 4165—Constitutional Rights
  • CJ 3610—Research Methods
  • More CJ electives
  • More courses in declared minor

Level 6

  • CJ 4995
    • (Taken in last semester; must complete CJ 1300, 1330, 2300, 3270, 3300, 3600, 4165, 4200, 4980 first)
  • Finish 15 hours of CJ electives
  • Finish minor courses


Critical Graduation Factors

2.5 Criminal Justice GPA
2.0 Weber State University GPA
15 hours of CJ electives
40 upper division credit hours - minimum (3000 level courses or higher)
120 total credit hours - minimum
Complete a minor