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Criminal Justice

We provide the highest quality criminal justice academics in Utah through responsive and impactful higher education programs, scholarship and service to the profession and community. Our goal is to change individuals by helping people and organizations improve through higher education. We envision a society that understands the concept of justice and recognizes the role criminal justice systems play in public safety whilst treating individuals with respect and fairness. For more information email:

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What You’ll Learn

Key concepts, theories and ideas related to the discipline of criminal justice

Experiences, perspectives and contributions of multiple groups in the criminal justice system

How to apply theories and research findings to the operation of criminal justice systems

Effective communication

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

A personal framework for ethical decision-making

WSU's Criminal Justice degree is recognized by U.S. News and World Report as one of the best Criminal Justice Programs of 2022.

What You Can Do with a Criminal Justice Degree


High quality with high flexibility: that's the Weber way. Earn your degree and pursue your passion in law enforcement, corrections, court systems and victim and offender social issues. Have a positive impact on your community with a Weber State education. Our students graduate and go on to have successful careers, like Officer Anderson, who graduated 2020 with a bachelors degree. Learn more about her in this video:

Our Successful Graduates


The list of highly qualified, smart and talented young officers who have joined OPD is long and growing each year and some of our brightest young officers started their journey to police work as a Wildcat. Their commitment to education provides them a step up on other candidates coming in the door, and they are rewarded with an annual bonus for their degree.

Eric Young, Chief of Police, Ogden Police Department


The curriculum allowed me to be better prepared in reading and understanding scholarly writings, specifically courts legal decisions... Comprehending case law and its application to my career is key in carrying out my duties legally and effectively.

Officer Sanchez, Ogden Police Department


With its supportive faculty and engaging curriculum, the Criminal Justice program at Weber State gave me both the confidence I needed to start pursuing my dream of becoming a criminal prosecutor and the skills I needed to succeed amidst the rigors of law school.

Ariel Krogue, J.D. Candidate at BYU Law